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March 2017

First Prototype of PQ heliostat Ready for testing

Pquadrum is very excited to announce that it has completed the construction of its first heliostat prototype “PQ Post Solis 1”! We are now ready to begin functional and accurancy test.

pquadrum team

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February 2017

First concrete casting

First concrete casting for the prototype molds underway.

pquadrum team

Ready for the concrete casting

Finally everything is ready for the concrete casting.

pquadrum team

November 2016

Heliostat molds in assembly

The assembly for our solar heliostat is in progress, next week is planned the first concrete casting for the prototype.

pquadrum team

October 2016

solar tracking system

The development of our solar tracking system (software and hardware) is in full development, the first tests in laboratory are already underway.

pquadrum team

September 2016

Heliostat molds in production

The production of the negative matrixes for molds of our solar heliostat is in progress, we will soon make the first concrete elements for the prototype.

pquadrum team

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