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pquadrum engineering SA

Pquadrum engineering SA is a small and fast engineering company. We develop products and solution to our customers in many engineering domains: especially architecture and solar energy.


to make the world a great and magnificent place thanks to marvelous and astonishing projects


to realize projects, most people believe are impossible

Piccini Group S.P.A

pquadrum engineering SA is a subsidiary company of Piccini Group S.P.A

Piccini is a world leader in construction and civil works as well as leading company for electrics and maintenance.

Piccini operates in 80 countries and combines the power of a great group and the capacity to meet  any requirements, being such a network of complementary entities. Thanks to the experience in design, construction, maintenance and efficiency of the buildings and facilities Piccini offers to his clients a large range of innovative solutions. The Group has adopted a well-framed strategy in the field of sustainable development which enables a balance between profit and social and environmental goals.

Piccini construction is structured in complementary entities and gathers a network of highly responsive companies able to deliver innovative solutions to clients and partners for construction, design, management and maintenance of buildings and infrastructures.

Buildings: industrial and commercial buildings, public works, malls, hotels, showroom.

Civil works: bridges, tunnels, roads and highways, town planning, railways.

Procurement of electrical maintenance:  underground and aerial power lines, road lights, systems of communication, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Furthermore Piccini can acquire projects of any size through a large number of international partners and offers all the guarantees required by the clients.


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